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Lumitacs digitizes training processes and makes them an intuitive experience. Professional trainers are increasingly using software-based solutions and analysis in their training practice. The innovative technology from Lumitacs illustrates digital content for the first time directly on the playing field - a unique training experience for effective performance.


The innovative technology complements existing training concepts and enables sporting dynamics on a completely new level. Lumitacs supports professional trainers on the pitch, exploit the athletic potential of the players and increase the training efficiency.

Lumitacs makes strategy come alive, inviting you emotionally, and gives you a sustainable – future-oriented technology that inspires.


Data and information to develop the advantage over an opponent

About Lumitacs

We are a sport-loving Team that wants to make professional Training better and more attractive. We are convinced that the maximum performance level in the top sport has not yet been reached. With our ideas, we support sports clubs, trainers and athletes to successfully implement innovative training content on the field.


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